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Formed as a side project by Jon Wood some five years ago Flophouse jr has wandered out of the woodwork once again with the a brand new recording set for release this August. In early 2000, critical praise came seemingly out of nowhere after the release of their first album, Woodland, a stripped down acoustic gem that found them a niche in the alt-country scrap heap. Originally a three piece it was downgraded to a duo during the making of their second album when original bass player, Andy, just sort of disappeared one day never to be heard from again. The sophomore release, Hour Glass House, was bigger and brighter than the first album and converted their homespun backporch sound into a miniature orchestral landscape, making use of the ever expanding collection of toys and half working instruments Jon had been stuffing his basement apartment with. Prior to the release of Hour Glass House, Jon and Susan made their way to England to play a handful of shows on the strength of the press from the first album and Susan found her way back to Brighton to start a new life in the UK not long after. Jon hooked up with her again for a second UK tour a year later but after it seemed the right time to take a break considering they were living on separate continents. After a hiatus where Jon found himself playing guitar as a sideman again and producing a couple of records, he came across an old Harmony baritone ukulele at the music store he works at and thought it would provide the right backdrop for a third album. Employing the talents of Susan once more on a conveniently planned trip back to Vancouver, the two have produced their third album, Houseboat, a collection of cinematically charged ditties that stroll gracefully along with distinctively rich vocal harmonies and strong melodic counterpoint.